Time for a change…

I’ve played at this blogging thing for a few years now. I’ve danced around some subjects but rarely put anything out there that might offend someone. Well, those days are over. I am sick and tired of so many people getting offended over every little thing, to the point where some people’s careers are damaged because they offended this group or that. When did we become so uptight? When did we stop laughing at the absurdities of life and when did we start taking every single opportunity given to be so angry?

Let me say that I do not believe that it is okay to be a racist, or homophobic, but it might be okay to make fun of yourself as you’ve learned how to be better about those things. I will offend people, I know this and I’ve decided I’m okay with it. It will not be intentional, but I have a right to my opinions and thoughts, and this is my blog, so I feel it is perfectly okay for me to state how I feel about something, and I will do my best to provide the reasons why I feel the way I do with resources to back up my thoughts…at least most of the time. You may or may not agree with me, and that is your right. I do not have to agree with you to like you, but I do have to respect you.

So, read them, don’t read them I honestly do not care. This is my creative outlet, and I am so over avoiding putting my thoughts into words because I’m too concerned that I might say something wrong. Let me just tell you now – I will. I will stick my foot in my mouth, probably more than once…I will word something incorrectly and it will set someone off. Just know the intent is for me to meet my need to be creative it isn’t to hurt someone’s feelings.

So, buckle up buttercup because my fluff pieces are going to be rare, at least until I get over being annoyed at the stupidity that is going on all around me right now, or I ‘squirrel’ and move to another hobby, again. <- see I know my shortcomings and can laugh at myself.

How Do You Let Go Of Stuff?

I have been trying to figure out the answer to this for years! I have managed to let go of stuff here and there, but more times than not, I regret it. Often times I end up replacing it…but truthfully, those things are mostly cookbooks and kitchen items. The problem is, there is a bunch of stuff in my house I want rather need* to get rid of, but there is a slight emotional attachment to them. Well, that is not true about everything, some of these items I keep out of obligation, they were a gift and I feel like I should keep them. Continue reading

There is no growth without change…

I signed up to be part of this nationwide women’s dietary study, and all of that starts for me on Monday. I did this because I know I need to make changes in order to get healthier, and accountability might help me stick with it. I also know that for at least the first couple of weeks, I will want to quit. I am not looking forward to the next couple of weeks, I dread them. However, I do look forward to them happening and getting through it. I just have to stay strong…something I do not have a good track record for doing. Continue reading

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place…

Do you ever play the ‘what if’ game? I did that for many years, and I reached a point, not too long ago, where I let many of my what ifs go. I talk about moving on and moving forward, but looking back, talk is about the only thing that has happened. Okay, that is not entirely true, I have made some progress…I have let go of the constant thought that I still needed to get a college degree. It was something I believed was going to happen since I was six years old, but it has not and that is okay. I have let go of the believe that I should be living in a big city, and in all honesty, I am now okay with that as well. Continue reading

Discovering my purpose in life…

Do I have one?

I read this in my devotional this morning:

To find joy in this day, you must live within its boundaries.

This really hit home with another book I am currently reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, I’ll provide a review when I finish it. Hal talks about having a reason to get up in the morning, ones raison d’être if you will. He says that you can have more than one, but you have at least one, and to be honest, I am at a loss to figure out what mine is. I mean I can go with the basic one he states, to be the best me I can be, but I just feel that there is more to it, at least for me. Continue reading