Sometimes when you’re in a dark place…

Do you ever play the ‘what if’ game? I did that for many years, and I reached a point, not too long ago, where I let many of my what ifs go. I talk about moving on and moving forward, but looking back, talk is about the only thing that has happened. Okay, that is not entirely true, I have made some progress…I have let go of the constant thought that I still needed to get a college degree. It was something I believed was going to happen since I was six years old, but it has not and that is okay. I have let go of the believe that I should be living in a big city, and in all honesty, I am now okay with that as well.

Since we moved to Kentucky, I have gone back and forth on how I feel about where I am at, but as I just mentioned, I have actually come to terms with it. The funny thing is, when I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself and reminded myself that I knew we were moving here for a reason, 60ff0d6b99b3a01931fe742eecc54d84I started to notice small windows opening. It started out very subtle, so subtle that I held my breath, too afraid of breathing too hard and causing it to disappear.

I have mentioned a few times my desire to be whole food plant-based, but it has been a hard reality in this little town. People still believe they would die without their steak or bacon, but in reality they are actually dying because of those things. Problem is, I am not one to preach. Partially because I do not like confrontation, and because I am still getting my own act together.

Here is where the window comes in; I have been a member of PlantPure Nation, for years, ever since I saw the documentary. In Philadelphia, the groups were active – here, not so much. There really was not one for London, and the Corbin one existed, but was not active. I found out Lexington is actually pretty great for Vegans and WFPB, but that is an hour away. Yes, I can go there once a week but I what I wanted was to make friends with people I could actually hangout with. Then it happened, a group popped up in London, and we have actually met. It is not a huge group, but that is okay! It is a start, and even more importantly, I actually like these people.il_570xN.925756667_tlln I may actually be able to start putting to use all the training and research and classes that I have taken. I may actually be able to start doing the YouTube videos I have been wanting to do, because there will be more than one person willing to eat the food! The possibilities are now starting to seem endless where before they did not even seem to have a beginning.

Things are not going to happen overnight, and I know that. I have to get my own house up to speed before I can truly tell people about the lifestyle they are missing out on, but I have hope. Heck, I have even found a WFPBOF (whole foods plant-based oil-free) doctor in Lexington and have set up an appointment with her in July! The point is, things are moving in a forward motion. I have been planted here, and instead of allowing myself to feel buried and left to be alone, I now realize that the fertilization (training), transplanting (moving from Dallas to Philly to London), was just part of the necessary steps to allow me to become the rose that God intended me to be, I just had to be patient and wait for Spring to come.



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