Is it just me…

Thoughts, Quirks & Pet Peeves

Some of these may become blog posts at some point, but for now this is a page for me just to put down a thought I had, or mention one of quirks.

Am I the only one who…

quirks…has notepads all over the house so when I think of something I can write it down, in hopes that I will remember it later?

…has notes on their phone for places that they frequent, with the names of people who are often there, in hopes of being able to remember who they are?

I wonder…questioning

…why do so many people go on and on about their freedom of speech, but rarely ever use their ‘right to remain silent’?

…why is it I do not feel like doing much, other than play games, during the day – but come 10:00 pm I’m ready to do something creative just as I should be getting ready for bed?

Things that makes me want to bang my head against a wall…

…when people add the letter ‘r’ to words, e.g. idear for idea. There is no r it is i.d.e.a. pet peeves – why is that so hard?

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