Finding happiness…

Finding happiness has been part of my journey for a while now. I have learned that happiness doesn’t come from owning things, or having a lot of money. Do not get me wrong, being financially secure is a desired place to be, but being secure, content isn’t all there is to happiness. Happiness comes from within ourselves. Learning to be content where we are, learning to be more present in our lives and choosing how we respond in those moments. I’ve touched on this before, but it is becoming even more real to me at this point in my life.

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Where are the words?

I’ve been absent for quite a while, and it isn’t because I do not have anything to say but more along the lines of I didn’t have anything to say that wouldn’t offend someone or cause tension between myself and a good friend of mine. So, after many nights of writing and rewriting this in my head, I’ve decided to write a post with a couple of my ‘unpopular’ opinions. These are my opinions and it is okay if you do not agree. I’m not posting this to have a discussion with you, I am posting them because I created this blog as a place for me to put my words out into the universe. So, here we go… Continue reading

How Do You Let Go Of Stuff?

I have been trying to figure out the answer to this for years! I have managed to let go of stuff here and there, but more times than not, I regret it. Often times I end up replacing it…but truthfully, those things are mostly cookbooks and kitchen items. The problem is, there is a bunch of stuff in my house I want rather¬†need*¬†to get rid of, but there is a slight emotional attachment to them. Well, that is not true about everything, some of these items I keep out of obligation, they were a gift and I feel like I should keep them. Continue reading