A change would do you good

…even if you go kicking and screaming

This Sunday starts my 30 day challenge, determining what items I truly use in the kitchen. It is, however, just the tip of the iceberg, or maybe the start of an avalanche, I’m not entirely sure which. LOL 

To be clear, all of these challenges I’m planning, are self imposed. No one is making me do them. That does not, however, mean I’m happy about all of them. I’m pushing my boundaries, and I’m doing some things that I flat do not want to do, but I’m doing them for the end goal. Part of what I’m doing, is trying to move myself to be more on the minimalist side of things. I’ve got plenty of Benadryl® and Xanax on hand, just in case my anxiety gets the best of me, because I stress out when things change. The thing that is helping me, at least at this point, is that I am in control.

I’m also working on living as close to a Zero Waste Lifestyle as possible. I actually started shifting towards this movement a year ago, without even knowing it existed. I’ve been getting rid of plastic containers, exchanging them for mason jars, and just switching the lids out. It has allowed me to use my label maker, which always makes me happy!21-friends-labelmaker

Now that I’ve seen some YouTube videos, and read a few blog posts here and there, I’m learning there are a lot of things that I can do, that may cost a few bucks up front, but will save money, in the long run, and is environmentally friendly as well. I know my husband will be pleased, because it means less stuff. You have a few reusable items, instead of boxes of items that you purchase at CostCo.

Here are a few examples of Use this instead of that

There is a chance that I may never make it 100% zero waste, and I’m ok with that. I realize that I’m always going to use a tissue, I’m not going to move to handkerchiefs, this is waste, I’m willing to live with, because the ick factor, out weighs my need to stop contributing to the local landfill.

In April, I will be doing a 10-day challenge of eating for $4.00 a day, which should be interesting, because I’m not very good at that sort of thing, but I think it will be a good challenge, and hopefully it will take me outside of my norm for what we typically eat.

So, those are a few of the things I’ve got planned for myself, this year. Stay tuned to see if I survive, along with what other ways I’ve decided to change and challenge myself, this year. I’ll leave you with my theme song for 2016:



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