We are living in a material world…

and I am a material girl!


Let me state that I am not a hoarder, but I will admit that I have my things, and I am attached to them. I will also admit, this once, that I know I get defensive when my husband starts talking to me about getting rid of my things.

Now, I’m not one of those women who feel they must have every new purse, shoe, or outfit that hits the market, I do, however, collect things like cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, and coffee mugs. For the record, my coffee mugs are not really out of hand; I actually use them, all of the time, but I will admit that I have gadgets that I used once, and quickly figure out that the item is more work than it is worth.

Full Disclosure: I also have a huge shot glass collection, which has grown much larger than anything I would have imagined, I have over 100 of them, but 98% of them were gifts. To be clear, these are gifts my husband wishes people would stop giving me, as he would deeply love for me to get rid of them.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m married to a man who would be happy being a minimalist. He would love nothing more than to do a lot of traveling around with a backpack and little else. I, on the other hand, love my things. I’m a homebody, and I want to be where my things are, but since I love my husband, and I am a full believer that relationships are about making each other happy, and finding common ground together, I’m willing to work on moving closer to his side. It doesn’t mean I can’t have things. Even if we retire to a life of travel, one day, we will still have a ‘home base’ area, and I’ll be able to have my things there, but even I can see that they should be things I will actually use, and not just things I have because they were shiny.

When I turned fifty last June, I decided that the next seventy years* needed to be meaningful. With that in mind, I’ve declared 2016 the year for change and growth for myself. Which means I actually will have to do some things in order to make that growth happen. I thought about it for a while, and I have come up with a few challenges that I for myself. The first one starts February 7, 2016.

1st Challenge of 2016

On February 7, I will start determining the things I use on a daily basis. Each item that gets used, for thirty days, once I’ve used it, it will be placed into a new cupboard that Jason purchased for me. At the end of thirty days, everything that has not been used, will be placed into a plastic tub. Then I will go three additional months, and see if I need any of the things that have been moved out of the kitchen. At the end of those three moths, the items that have not been used will either be sold, trashed, or donated.

There will be a second challenge starting around the first of April, but more of that later on.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite George Carlin bits


*I’ve decided I will live until I’m 120. I do not plan on dying until after midnight on June 6, 2085. If I live longer, fantastic – but the plan is 120.


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