The spirit is willing…

I’ll get a round to it,eventually!

I'll get a round to it

I’m actually not sure when I started having problems getting motivated to get up and move. Sad to say, but it is quite possible that it began before I was born. I mean, if I was comfortable, and cozy where I was, and I was able to sleep all the time, yeah – I didn’t go voluntarily.It isn’t that I’m lazy. I am actually a hard worker, when I’m doing something for someone else that is; however, if it is something for myself, I procrastinate. I don’t know if it is that I just do not consider myself a priority, or that I just would rather do anything other than workout, or work on my personal projects.

When I was home, Dallas, in April, all 3 of my daughters were inspirational and motivational. They’ve all been making lifestyle changes that are getting them healthier. So, I’m working on it. I’m walking more, and adding in PiYo a few days a week, as increasing as I build strength. The problem is actually getting started. Once I’m doing it, I’m fine – but I will do anything and everything to avoid it!

It is then that I truly understand the The scripture/statement The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. I can relate it to me personally – and not just as a fond memory of one of my favorite movies from childhood The Spirit is Willing 🙂

I will get to where I do not hate it so much, I just do not know how long that will take. Who knows, if I can master this, maybe I’ll be able to master that whole ‘live in the moment’ philosophy.  One day at a time

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