It Is Finished!

I did it! Today marks the end of my challenge to write every day for seven straight days, and I actually did it! I was not sure, in the beginning, if I would do it all here, but I decided this was the best place – that way I could be held accountable.

I cannot believe I actually did it! I am working on a schedule so that I am more consistent with my posts here, and for keeping up with my writing altogether. I have several topics I want to write about, none of which will be political, per se as I want to avoid that fun time altogether, but some topics may dance a little close to that line.

Thank you for reading this week, and keeping up with the ramblings I have been tossing out and thank you for sharing the posts as well.

Update on the ‘office’: The contractor is finished as of today, so now there is painting, cocking, and staining that needs to be done. Figuring out what we can use for the type of ‘desk’ I want will be interesting because the one thing we found is no longer being made, but my husband is brilliant, and I know he will figure something out.

As I mentioned, I am currently working on a writing schedule and will be outlining a list of blog posts to be written, so that I have regular content for the rest of this year. I will also be reviving a few of my other blogs, but what I am extremely excited about is getting one or two episodes of Cooking with Gram outlined and written.

Have a great weekend Y’all!

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