Can I do it for a week?

Yesterday, as I spiraled down my tunnel of self-doubt, I reached out and asked some of my author friends their secrets to actually writing. I received a lot of really good advice, but the key one was ‘just do it’. Yeah, ok, that was obvious, but the statements that went with that were enlightening, at least for me. They were saying to sit down and just write, one said to write a sentence every day, or journal every day, just write to get into the habit. It was stated that if I just showed up daily, it would become part of my normal flow and eventually the words would come to me to form my story. 

It seems that I need to get in the habit and then allow the ‘voices’* to separate and identify themselves as individual characters and/or stories, instead of just the jumbled mess that is my constant thought process – my brain is a scary place.

Since I seem to suck at committing to a project for long-term, I’m just committing for a week. Surely I can handle showing up for 7 days, right? So starting today, well technically writing this is my start…I will write something at least once a day, for seven days. I am going to try to blog most of them, but I will also be journaling. Hopefully, just showing up will open up my creative flow and the books that I have been dreaming about for years will finally materialize. Ok, I know it will not be that easy, but I believe I have mucked it up so badly for myself that it will feel miraculous.**


*For those of you who do not write, your characters speak to you, it is not the same as being crazy, well, ok, maybe a little, but I am told the voices quiet down when their stories are told.
**Ok, that may have not made sense, but go with it, I have not had my coffee yet, and I should do nothing BC!

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