No Tech Tuesdays…

There was a time, a few years ago, where I practiced no tech Tuesdays. I had my phone, but the only thing I could use it for was phone calls, and replying to text messages. I did not play games, I did not get on Facebook or Instagram. This gave me a time to focus strictly on other mundane things, such as reading, writing, spending time in the great outdoors. It was nice, and I did it for several months, but somehow I got away from it. I’ve been thinking about bringing it back but choosing either a different day or possibly changing the rules.

I have been thinking about doing it on Saturdays, I do not typically write on those days and it would be great to get back out and start hiking again. Could I spend an entire Saturday without playing a game, not watching a YouTube channel or a TV show? Possibly, as long as there were set hours. I would say Sundays, but that is the day that Jason and I watch YouTube shows together, and a group of us play WoW together. I do not want to do it during the week, because those are the days I intend on working on my projects…so, Saturday it is.

So, here is what I hope to try, as with my seven-day commitment to writing here…I want to do a four-week commitment of no Tech Saturdays. Schedule morning activities, go have brunch with friends, read, get out of the house, but stay off of the computer and my phone (except for calls, texts, and Marco Polo). September 14 – October 5 will be the dates, each Sunday, I will report here what I did and how it went. How does that sound?

What do I hope to gain from doing this? Clarity. One of the things I remember enjoying from my previous time of ‘no tech’ time was having a little more clarity. I also felt accomplished, as I got a lot of stuff done.

Also, just to update you on how my Whole30 is going, today is day 9 and I have not killed anyone, so I think it is going well!

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