The best part of waking up…

I should do nothing bc

before coffeeNow I realize that most of you see ‘bc’ and think ‘Before Christ‘, and although I totally agree with that statement as well, when I say “it was bc” or “I shouldn’t do that bc”, I’m saying before coffee.

I need to make some thing perfectly clear, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a morning person. Some people might argue that point, because they’ve come into work* at 8:00 am, after I’ve been there for hours, knowing I was at work around 6:00 am, as I always try to get as early a shift as is allowed. What they may not have known was I select these early shifts, not just to benefit me, but so they do not have to deal with ‘morning me’. Let me explain:


  1. I do not generally wake up in a bad mood. However, the chances of a mood swing are extremely high depending on what happens within those first few minutes, and how I was woken up
  2. I will be happier about being awake if I can wake up on my own terms
  3. I function best in relative, if not complete, silence**
  4. I prefer not to hear anything, especially talking, for the first hour I am conscious***
  5. In a work situation, I will accomplish more in the hours prior to anyone else showing up, than I will for the rest of the day (see note **)
  6. Rarely do I truly want to hurt someone, but all bets are off if I go straight into dealing with people without grounding myself
  7. In a work situation, going in before the sun is up means there will be little to no traffic to deal with****

That is the majority of the reasons for why I have always volunteered to work the early shifts, even though they start at a time when I would much rather be sleeping.

So, ok, I’m not a morning person, but why do I say ‘nothing bc’? Well, for one, I am married to a morning person*****, Me before Coffeeand he has blessed me with the ability to stay home and take care of him, so I do not have to go out into the world, most days, until I am mentally prepared (those who know me can stop laughing now). Since I love my husband, I do not want to be snarky to him, even first thing in the morning. Therefore, (and all the Bent Tree people said ‘what’s it there for?’) I do what I can to mellow out, and a cup of coffee is the perfect thing. There have been times when I’ve had hot chocolate or tea instead, and they are nice, but to me, there is just something therapeutic about a nice cup of coffee.

The other reason has to do with the state of mind it puts me in******. It helps me focus, and it warms me up******* to the idea of being awake, because I do like my sleep. However, I do also realize that it is also simply part of my morning ritual, and I am a creature of habit; I like my routines********.

So, if you read something I post and it makes absolutely no sense at all, it is a safe bet that I typed it bc – you have been warned 😉

*when I was working outside of the house
**noise = distraction
***or at least 30 minutes, does not apply to my husband… most days
****one of the things I do not miss about having a car
*****most days he is one of the few people I don’t mind seeing first thing
******a New York state of mind
*******pun totally intended
********which makes traveling oh so fun 😦

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