Movin’ on Out…

So after my day at Starbucks and the revelation that I got so much more done when I was not sitting at home in our ‘home’ office, my amazing husband decided to turn our shed into our ‘work’ office. He has been thinking about doing this for some time now, but we were unsure if we wanted to do that, or any number of other ideas we had been going through. Apparently, my motivation outside the home was all the confirmation he needed that a separate office was the way to go.

Today, a contractor came out and began working on the shed, it just needed some insulation and a few touches. Once he is done, Jason and I will do a few cosmetic adjustments, and then get stuff moved in. We will still have our home office, with our geeky setup (we each have 3 monitors), but the purpose will be separate. That does not mean we will never do work stuff here, but those times will be limited.

The thing I am most excited about this change is it will allow me to have a shift in attitude that I have not been able to achieve so far. Since I have retired from traditional work, I have basically had the mentality of I do not work, but I want to write, I have projects I want to do, scripts for YouTube videos that need to be written, etc., and it just does not get done. Now, I believe I will able to transform my thinking to these hours I am at work. I even plan on doing my hair and at least a little makeup to set the mood.

My goals are to get at least one of my YouTube channels up and running before the end of the year, have an outline of blog posts for all of my blogs so I can start putting weekly content out that is not me just trying to get in the habit of writing, as with this seven day challenge, but it has been helpful for me, so there is that. I want to work on at least one of the books I have started, and I want to get a podcast going with my BFF (the one I am not married to although one with my hubby-BFF would be interesting as well).

I will keep you posted on the shed situation, but right now the ETA for my stuff to be moved in is the first week of October, so here’s hoping!

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