Why is this such a struggle for me?

I have so many thoughts and ideas that run through my head, it is almost maddening…yet I cannot seem to sit down long enough to get the ideas on paper. I have started two books, I have written and deleted at least a hundred posts, I have no shortage of ideas. So why am I unable to communicate these ideas to others?

My political thoughts and really any thoughts that could be considered controversial, well I do not like a debate. Unless I specifically ask you for your opinion, I honestly do not care what you think. However, if I write mine out, for people to read or ignore, some that read it want to tell me where I am wrong, even though they were not asked. Yes, it is their right to do so, but still, it seems those are the only times I hear from anyone.

The stories I have in my head…the details take a very long time to convey. I am a descriptive person, adjectives are my love language when it comes to writing. I am also a stickler for details. Ask any author I have beta read for – if the details do not make sense, I will point it out. When I read, a movie plays in my mind, so details are important. So, when I write, I want my reader to experience the story the way I see it in my mind, the way I do when I read. Does that make sense?

So I guess I need to figure out a way to get my thoughts sorted out and separated. Right now they are a jumbled mess. I also need to figure out how to sit down and focus for longer than five minutes. ADHD sucks!

I have put a call out to my author friends on Facebook, but if you read this and have some advice, I hear by formally ask for you to comment.


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