Questioning my direction…

I am struggling with the direction I am wanting to move in. I am trying to write a book, and it is extremely overwhelming. I do realize that part of the reason it is so overwhelming, at this point, is because I have never done anything like this. However, it is also completely out of my comfort zone. My writing, up to this point, has been blog posts, book reviews, poems, and training documentation. So, I wonder if maybe instead of trying to write a fantasy book, I should be writing something more informational. Maybe get my feet wet and then move on to something that is outside the box.

I will be attending an online class about writing a book and getting it published, next week. I found out about it while writing this post, so I believe that writing a book is definitely the right direction for me (which I was also questioning), and I believe that after I attend the lecture, I will be able to gain more direction. So, I know a book is in my future, now I just have to determine what type.

Also, I have been reading The Miracle Morning, and The Miracle Equation, both by Hal Erod, while attending live training he has been doing for a relatively small group. I must say that the information I have learned and implemented during this time has been truly life altering for me. He has made clear to me truths that seem so simple, but until know I was not ready to learn them. I will be reviewing these books at a later date, but I will say that one of my favorite things Hal has said to date is:

“It isn’t what you learn that changes your life, it’s what you live.”

So you can read 1,000 books on how to do something, but if you never put any of it into action, nothing will change. I have done that with my health – actually reading hundreds of books and article, watching countless documentaries and YouTube stories, but until I actual made the choice to stop ‘dieting’ and make it my lifestyle, changes were never long lasting.

As I said, a review will be coming later, but I can tell you know that I highly recommend any of his books!

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