My dog’s better than your dog…

Happy National Dog Day

July 7, 2007 is a date I will not easily forget; it was the day I received the best birthday gift I have ever received, Chaucer.*

The Canterbury TalesWe studied The Canterbury Tales in high school, and I was in love. Geoffrey Geoffrey ChaucerChaucer had such a way with words, and he was from a time that just seemed so magical to me, so the name has always been special to me. At some point in life, I fell in love with Yorkies, and knew I really wanted one; what better name for a Yorkie than Chaucer, right?

Fast forward to 2006, when my biological sister finds me, I find out she raises Yorkies, and she finds out that I want one. I will spare you the drama that took place when I first saw his picture, knew he was my Chaucer; only to be told I chaucer and sunkistcouldn’t have him… which meant I was going to have to find another name, because this was Chaucer; something I knew to my very core. The original “no” I was given, was actually meant, and my sister played it to the hilt. But once my husband saw that there was a connection made, even without me actually seeing anything more than a picture, well he and my sister got together and planned the best surprise possible.

So 7-7-07, not only did I meet my biological mother, sister, niece, etc., for the very first time – I was handed the best little furball around. 8 years later,  all 3.4 pounds of this little guy amazes me daily. He believes he is a Great Dane, he has the heart of a lion, and I know with every fiber of my being, that he would do anything, including sacrifice himself, to protect me. He is a constant source of entertainment and unconditional love. I have never known another dog with such personality! He argues with me, he will chew my hubby and I out when he isn’t happy, and every single time we return from being gone, we receive an amazing reception of love and excitement.

Both my husband and I cannot believe how much we love this little guy, nor can we believe how much he has enriched our lives. So, although I am sorry you may not have him in your life, I hope that you have something similar. If not, you need to get this kind of relationship, dog, cat, bird, fish – whatever it is, because life is short, and we all can learn from the devotion and love an animal can provide.

Happy National Dog Day, Chaucer – and thank you for blessing us by being a part of our lives; we are better for it. ❤


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