Why a blog without a theme?

I already have two blogs that are book related, and I’ve tried to create other blogs related to other various topics, e.g. food, and they just do not work for me.  I tend to want to write about what is on my mind at the moment, and I honestly just cannot make myself write about a specific topic, because that is what my blog is for. Even though I am not really into astrology, but I do believe there are traits that people born during a specific time frame, share. I am a Gemini, and for the most part, the description fits me rather well. I have a few things I would argue with, such as I’m not really devious or superficial, often; I am, however, impulsive and indecisive, which makes this type of blog perfect for me!

Why the title ‘There Were Words…”?

Unfortunately, that is not an easy answer – it is one of those family jokes that you really had to be there to understand the humor behind it. Let us just say that it just really fits.

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